Education has become heavily statute, rule and guidance bound but for many parents accessing the education to which their children are entitled is fraught with obstacles. Chambers can provide experienced advice and representation in respect of special needs education including before Special Educational Needs Tribunals (SENT) and the Administrative Court. Remedies may also be pursued in respect of school exclusions, allocation of school places, grants, further and higher education, breaches of statutory duty by local education authorities and negligence. Members of Chambers are committed to providing accurate and realistic advice as quickly as possible in order best to help parents and young people.

Chambers also has expertise in advising school staff and governors in respect of the legality of decision-making by public bodies such as local education authorities, school governing bodies and the Secretary of State.

As in the case of Community Care and Mental Health advice, members of Chambers are able to provide a comprehensive overview of these overlapping fields of law.

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