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Appeals and Miscarriages of Justice


Nealon & Anor, R (on the application) v The Secretary of State for Justice

Miscarriage of justice compensation provisions in the Criminal Justice Act 1988 are incompatible with the presumption of innocence. Following the April...

Civil Actions Against the Police


Curran v Chief Constable of Humberside Police

One of very few recent misfeasance in a public office cases which has proceeded to trial.

Criminal Defence


R v Marvell

Court of Appeal Quashes Extended Sentence and Finding of Dangerousness In an appeal against sentence, the Court of Appeal on 10th December 2015 quashed...


Oxford sex grooming case 2013

GCN's Mark George QC acted for Assad Hussain, one of 9 defendants which was heard at the Old Bailey in London (Jan to May 2013).


Ahmed, R. v [2012]

Appeal against IPP sentence for manslaughter - substituted with hospital order with restrictions under s. 37 and s. 44 Mental Health Act 1983


R v Oliver

Appeal against sentence allowed - possession of extreme pornographic images (Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 s.63(1) ) and aggravating feature...



Leeds City Council v Persons Unknown & Ors

Injunction obtained by the Council under section 222 of the Local Government Act 1972 with the purpose of restraining begging in Leeds City Centre discharged....


Scott v Southern Pacific Mortgages and others

North East Property Buyers - the appeal of Rosemary Scott, the remaining test case appellant from the decision of the Court of Appeal in Cook-v-Mortgage...


O’Brien v Bristol City Council

Eviction of a family of travellers from an unauthorised encampment in Bristol and a challenge to the suitability of ‘bricks and mortar’ interim accommodation....


Howard, R (on the application of) v The Official Receiver

The case concerned a claim for judicial review of a decision by the Official Receiver (OR) to revoke a Debt Relief Order (DRO).

Human Rights


Rutherford & Ors v Secretary of State for Work And Pensions

Rutherford is the case of a severely disabled child. The room in his house needed for an overnight carer is treated as a spare room by the Housing Benefit...


R (Gudanaviciene & Ors) v the Director of Legal Aid Casework & the Lord Chancellor (British Red Cross Society intervening)

Gudanaviciene (exceptional funding) - Court of Appeal substantially upholds earlier decision


R (Haney, Kaiyam, Massey and Robinson) v Secretary of State for Justice

Indeterminate Sentence Prisoners (ISPs) Article 5 challenge.


Hanif & Anor, R v (No 2)

Whether the presence of a police officer on the jury violated the provisions of Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Immigration, Asylum & Nationality


R (KL (Albania)) v Secretary of State for the Home Department

Lead appeals concerning the correct approach to be taken to cases where the Home Secretary certifies a claim as being clearly unfounded.


AD (Pakistan) v SSHD

Court of Appeal to consider whether judge’s reliance on the “very narrow” adult dependent relative rule was unlawful, and whether the judge acted unfairly...


G and H v Upper Tribunal and SSHD

First reported case of a successful substantive claim for judicial review against a decision of the Upper Tribunal and also deals with issues of procedural...


Permission granted in JR challenging negative Reasonable Grounds decision in a trafficking claim

Sir Stephen Silber, sitting as a Judge of the High Court, has yesterday (16th December 2015) granted permission in a judicial review claim challenging...


Semeda, R (on the application of) v Secretary of State for the Home Department (statelessness; Pham applied) (IJR)

The Upper Tribunal considered the stateless provisions under part 14 of the immigration rules for the first time and found the SSHD had both erred in law...

Inquests & Public Inquiries


Hillsborough Inquests (2014 - ongoing)

Representing 22 families in the Hillsborough Inquests.


Inquiry into the circumstances of the Death of Bernard (Sonny) Lodge

Public inquiry into the self-inflicted death of Bernard "Sonny" Lodge who died on 28 February at HMP Manchester in 1998.


Regina v. Her Majesty's Coroner for the Western District of Somerset (Respondent) and another (Appellant) ex parte Middleton (FC) (Respondent)

Leading case on application of Article 2 to inquest proceedings and the ambit of neglect verdicts.

Personal Injury


Frith v DECC and Others

Respiratory disease case brought against contractor companies to British Coal (and the statutory successor to British Coal). The claim was brought 6 years...


Rolls Royce Industrial Power (India) Ltd v Cox

The Court of Appeal has rejected the proposition that in cases of exposure to asbestos fibres resulting in mesothelioma, a specific measurement of the...

Prison Law


Downs v Secretary of State for Justice

Procedural fairness requirements in the category A review context and, specifically, when an oral hearing should be granted for such a review. On appeal...


Osborn, Booth and Reilly v The Parole Board

Prisoners succeed in oral hearings challenges in the Supreme Court.


Henry v Parole Board

High Court has quashed a Parole Board decision and ordered a new hearing, in light of concerns that the Parole Board relied, or may have relied, on unproven...


R (Bashir) v IA & Govr HMP Ryehill and SSJ

Admin Court quashed the conviction of the Claimant for failing to provide a sufficient urine sample for a mandatory drug test.


Noone, R (on the application of) v Governor of HMP Drake Hall & Anor

Supreme Court ruling on HDC for prisoners.

Public Law (Judicial Review)


VK v Commissioners for HMRC

3-Judge Upper Tribunal panel allows Tax Credit appeals test case.


R (MS) v The Independent Monitor of the Home Office

Successful challenge to the Independent Monitor’s decision that information contained within an enhanced criminal records certificate was relevant and...


Secretary of State for Work and Pensions v PG (JSA) (Claims and payments : late claim: other benefits)

Whether an applicant can rely on the DWP website when seeking to backdate a claim for benefit.


TG v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions (PC)

A recent decision of the Administrative Appeals Chamber of the Upper Tribunal (30.1.15) now means that the Workers Registration Scheme will have to be...

Welfare Benefits


AB v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions (DLA)

DLA - Does R(M) 1/96 apply in some renewal cases?



R (VC) v North Somerset Council (Equality and Human Rights Commission intervening)

A Council has settled a judicial review claim which had argued it's housing allocations scheme was discriminatory against Gypsies and Travellers, in particular...