Supreme Court finds that third party support and/or joint sponsorship are permissible for entry clearance applications under Rules 281, 297 and 317. This was a unanimous and resounding victory for the appellants. The judgment had far reaching effects for applicants for entry clearance in family cases; "the financial resources available to support an applicant for entry clearance may now potentially be much wider, and representatives should be astute to bear this in mind in cases where the principal sponsor may struggle to demonstrate that the applicant will be adequately maintained. However, any arrangement involving third party support would have to be genuine and stable in order for an entry clearance officer or, on appeal, the Tribunal, to give proper weight to it." said Rory O'Ryan at the time (December 2009)

Judgement: Mahad (previously referred to as AM) (Ethiopia) v Entry Clearance Officer [2009] UKSC 16 (16 December 2009)

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