Mark George QC from Garden Court North will be delivering a series of lectures on death penalty for Amicus at Universities across the UK throughout November 2012.

Amicus Death Penalty Lectures by Mark George QC - University Tour 2012

5th Nov at 6.30pm - Leicester University
6th Nov at 2.30pm - Northumbria University
6th Nov at 5.00pm - Newcastle University
7th Nov at 2.30pm - Leeds University
7th Nov at 6.30pm - Nottingham Trent University

12th Nov at 7.00pm - Durham University
13th Nov at 5.00pm - York University
14th Nov at 4.00pm - Manchester Metropolitan University
15th Nov at 4.30pm - “Sheffield University

22nd Nov at 3.00pm - Keele University

26th Nov at 11.00am - Liverpool JMU
28th Nov at 6.00pm - Bristol University

You can follow Mark George QC on Twitter @mark_george_qc for links to live-tweeting of these lectures and other updates.

Mark George QC . worked on a capital case in Texas in 1998. Since 1999 he has been associated with Amicus, a charity which recruits English based law graduates to work pro bono alongside hard-pressed capital attorneys in the death penalty states of the USA helping death row inmates either pre-trial or on appeal. Internships are self-financing and have to be for a minimum period of three months. More details are available on the website at

Mark George QC teaches capital trial procedure and appeals in capital cases at the Amicus training course run in London in October and March each year. He also writes on aspects of capital trial law and procedure for the Amicus Journal, available free to all members of Amicus.

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