Maidi Nizeyimana was found not guilty on four counts of ill treating late stage dementia residents at the elderly care home where she worked.

Whilst assisting them to bed, Ms Nizeyimana was accused of squeezing the fingers, twisting the wrist and bending the arm back of three male residents, causing them to cry out in pain. The Defendant, who was pregnant at the time, was also alleged to have nipped the left foot of a female resident who had kicked out towards her.

The four incidents were said to have taken place on the same night in the presence of another case assistant, Kathryn Murray, who later reported what she had allegedly witnessed. The Defendant, who had worked at the BUPA care home for over a year without any complaint, strenuously denied the allegations.

Following an eight day trial at Bolton Crown Court, the jury acquitted Maidi Nizeyimana of all charges.

Maidi Nizeyimana was represented by GCN’s Sara Woodhouse Davie.

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