From 31st January 2013 the basis on which Garden Court North Chambers accepts instructions changes to The (new) Standard Contractual Terms for the Supply of Legal Services by Barristers to Authorised Persons 2012 . The current standard default terms on which barristers have offered their services for many years have been withdrawn by the Bar Standards Board (the regulatory body for barristers in England and Wales) and replaced by the new Standard Contractual Terms (NSCT).

The new Standard Contractual Terms will be adopted by all Garden Court North Chambers barristers in respect of all new instructions and for matters in which Counsel has been instructed previously. "Authorised Persons" is defined as the person who is an authorised person for the purposes of s. 18(1)(a) of the Legal Services Act 2007 and whose approved regulator under that Act is the Law Society and/or the SRA, and all successors and assignees.

Nothing will change in the service provided by Garden Court North Chambers on a day-to-day basis by reason of the adoption of these terms.

Details of the new Standard Contractual Terms (NSCT) will be included in the acknowledgement letter on receipt of briefs and instructions.

Please speak to Sarah Wright Senior Clerk if you have any query over the new Standard Contractual Terms.