A reminder of GCN’s total commitment to legal aid work at a time when many others are turning their backs on it.

The quality of privately-paid criminal defence advocacy has been making headlines this week.  In a judgment on 16th December 2015, the LCJ criticised a criminal silk for a "regrettable departure from proper standards of advocacy" and described some of his work during the trial as "lamentable".  The LCJ referred the QC to the BSB over the "content and tone" of his personal website and it is interesting to note that according to the website this QC only undertakes privately paid trial and appeal work.

Our head of chambers, Mark George QC said:

“Whilst it seems some barristers are turning their backs on legal aid we remain committed to the principle that anyone charged with a criminal offence is entitled to first class representation and we intend to ensure they get it regardless of whether they are paying for it themselves or are in receipt of legal aid.” 

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