The IPCC is under pressure to widen its investigation into alleged fabrication of evidence by South Yorkshire officers in the 1980s as new allegations emerge of attempts to frame miners at the Orgreave coking plant clashes in 1984. GCN's Mark George QC has contributed to a BBC One Inside Out documentary (to be broadcast tonight in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire) for which he analysed 40 police officers' Orgreave statements, and found that many contained identical descriptions of alleged disorder by the miners.

About 100 statements by police officers who were at Orgreave, which have been obtained by the BBC, have been examined by Mark George QC .

Mark said the documents revealed "several dozen" examples of officers using exactly the same phrases, signifying "widespread collusion".

"You can't get statements in the way they have been done here - by police officers from different forces involved in different arrests - and find such a degree of similarity between those statements without there being some degree of collusion."

In his analysis Mark also found that 34 officers' statements, supposed to have been compiled separately, used the identical phrase: "Periodically there was missile throwing from the back of the pickets."One paragraph, of four full sentences, was identical word for word in 22 separate statements. It described an alleged charge by miners, including the phrase: "There was however a continual barrage of missiles."

The Inside Out programme featuring GCN's Mark George QC was broadcast on 22.10.12 at 19:30 BST on BBC One (in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire).

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Click here to watch the programme again via iPlayer. Mark's contribution starts at approx 21 minutes into the programme.

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