Damages for dispossession (Begache v Noreen)

An interesting housing hearing concerning damages for a dispossessed tenant, conducted by GCN's Tom Royston, has been reported in the July / August 2016 edition of Legal Action and also on the housing blog NearlyLegal .

Begache v Noreen . 29 March 2016, County Court at Nottingham

In particular the noteworthy features of this County Court case are:

(a) the court awarded damages for a period when the tenant had been dispossessed without knowing it;

(b) the tenant got costs on an indemnity basis for part of the trial due to a Pt 36 offer even though it was made v late (this demonstrates worth of making Part 36 offers even when late).

GCN's Tom Royston  was instructed by Sean Gilmore of  Community Law Partnership .  GCN's Andrew Byles also drafted pleadings in the case.

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