Garden Court North Chambers is pleased to announce that we are again able to receive applications for mini-pupillage.

Before you apply please read our policy document carefully.  Whilst we do not rule out offering mini-pupillage to those already on the BPTC because we recognise that it may have value for a student even at that stage, particularly if they are keen to see the areas of law in which we practice, our primary concern is to use mini-pupillages to help those who have yet to make a firm decision about their career path and who we think may benefit from seeing how barristers work.

Applications should be made for the next month following the date of your application but unless you indicate otherwise we will automatically consider any applications which are unsuccessful in the first month in each of the following two months in order to save candidates having to apply each month.  If after that your application has still not been successful there is no limit on the number of applications that can be made.

For further information or to apply: 

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