Pete Weatherby QC interviewed on BBC 5 Live and BBC Radio Merseyside on whether Ian Brady has a human right to refuse food and end his life.

In the interview Peter Weatherby QC explained the state's legal obligation to protect life generally and in particular those in its care. 

Pete Weatherby QC commented: "If he has capacity and he can make his own decision the state is under no obligation to protect his right to life. If he has no capacity or if he is not capable of making decisions properly then the state is under an obligation under article 2 of the European convention of human rights to protect his life and that is why he is being force fed." 

Missed it?

The interview was broadcast on BBC Radio 5 Live at 9.35 on 25th June 2013. The interview on BBC Radio Merseyside was broadcast live at 4:37 on 25th June 2013.

For the BBC 5 Live interview: listen online with BBC iPlayer  (available for 7 days after broadcast). 
Fast forward through the programme to reach the interview at 0:37:00

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