The latest in the Nealon and Hallam miscarriage of justice compensation test cases.

Judgment was today handed down in the miscarriage of justice test cases of Nealon and Hallam, in which GCN's Matthew Stanbury is instructed for Victor Nealon.  The test cases were again refused.  Victor Nealon's solicitor, Mark Newby of QS Jordans has written a strong opinion piece in Justice Gap:

Hallam and Anor, R (on the applications of) v The Secretary of State for Justice (rev 1) [2016] EWCA Civ 355 (11 April 2016) 

Read the article here:

11/4/16 - Without recompense for the wrongfully convicted, the integrity of our justice system is in question (Justice Gap).

Permission will now be sought to pursue this matter before the Supreme Court.

Matthew Stanbury is acting for the claimant Victor Nealon alongside Joseph Markus, also from Garden Court North Chambers, instructed by Mark Newby of Quality Solicitors Jordans.  


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