The Court of Appeal has granted permission for miscarriage of justice victim Victor Nealon to judicially review the Ministry of Justice's refusal to award him compensation. A hearing date has now been set and the 2 day hearing will commence on 12th May 2015 in London.

The Court of Appeal quashed the previous decision refusing a JR.

Victor Nealon’s challenge is seen as a test case for the new, much restricted regime to compensate the victims of miscarriages introduced under this year’s Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

Mr Nealon was released after 17 years after his conviction was overturned due to fresh DNA evidence. The claim includes a challenge to the compatibility of the revised s.133 CJA 1988 with Article 6(2) ECHR (the presumption of innocence). 

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Victor Nealon is represented by GCN's Matthew Stanbury instructed by Mark Newby of Quality Solicitors Jordans .  


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Mr Nealon is also pursuing a claim against the CCRC for alleged failures in its earlier investigations in his case see news report in Independent and is again represented by GCN's Matthew Stanbury  instructed by Mark Newby of Quality Solicitors Jordans .  

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