Vijay joined the Jusoor summer volunteer programme over July / August 2016 and has written about how it provides the children with a "different perspective".

Vijay volunteered through Jusoor, which is an NGO of Syrian expatriates supporting the country’s development and helping Syrian youth realize their potential through programs in the fields of education, career development, and global community engagement.

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You can read Vijay's report of the work he undertook on the Jusoor website and a couple of extracts are below:

"I begin each teaching shift with a 10-minute yoga lesson, something the kids had never experienced before. We take some deep breaths first with our eyes closed as the children count along with me. There’s always some giggling as we ‘Om’ together, and then it’s a medley of stretches, twists and balances – and handstands, of course."

"The children are truly amazing: bright, energetic, cheerful, and very affectionate, despite all they have been through and continue to endure. My hand is sore at the end of the day through the countless ‘high-fives’ I exchange with them."

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Vijay joined forces with other individuals from around the world to co-teach with local teachers, many of whom are Syrian refugees themselves. The emphasis is on combining fun with learning and practical exercises, as the children have studied hard during the year.

Jusoor literally translated means "bridges".  It is a non-political organization with strictly no ties to any political entity. Jusoor’s programs do not differentiate according to political views, ethnicity, religion or gender.

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