PLEASE NOTE - This Conference is organised by CLFS and bookings should be made directly with CLFS using the online booking form in the link above.


GCN's Andy Fitzpatrick will be speaking at this conference on the subject of "Best Practice in Early Case Preparation".

Other contributors include:

  • Legal Aid and Proof Magazine - Justice Alliance / Justice Gap
  • Case Theory and the Foundation of Trial Advocacy - Andrew Mcloughlin HCA. SAHCA
  • Mags and Crown Court Advocacy.  20 top Advocacy Tips in 20 minutes - Andrew Mcloughlin HCA. SAHCA
  • Essential Youth Court Law and Skills - Kate Aubrey Johnson, Barrister. Director. Just for Kids Law
  • Best Practice in Early Case Preparation - Andy Fitzpatrick, Barrister, Garden Court North
  • Essential Criminal Law Update - Nicky Hall, HCA, Clifford Johnston
  • Advocacy Elective 2 - 3pm - Andrew Mcloughlin HCA. SAHCA
  • Challenging the CPS on Trial Evidence - Senior scientists from Forensic Equity
  • Unity Within the Profession - Greg Foxsmith, President, LCCSA

Full programme details available here.

GCN's Richard Brigden will also be speaking at the CLFS Crime Conference in London on 28th October 2016.

Read more about the two GCN speakers here.


Guest Speakers