Barristers are mainly instructed through a solicitor however a number of barristers at Garden Court North provide a Public Access service.

This page is intended to provide members of the public (also known as lay-clients) with information about the barristers at Garden Court North Chambers and also about the role of barristers in general, along with our Public Access barristers.

About barristers

Barristers are trained as specialist advisers and advocates. A solicitor will involve a barrister when they need specialist advice about a difficult area of the law, to draft documents or for "advocacy" (presenting a case in court).

The usual route to a barrister is through a solicitor and you should discuss with your solicitor whether it is important to have a barrister's advice. Should you wish to instruct a barrister from Garden Court North your solicitor can then contact our a member of staff in our Practice Management Team here at Garden Court North accordingly.

Finding the right Garden Court North barrister for your case

The following links may be useful:

  • Search for more details about our barristers' areas of specialisation using our search form at the top of this page
  • See our full list of barristers at Garden Court North (those flagged [PA] indicates barristers that also provide a Public Access service).

We have provided here some useful pages on the Bar Council and CAB website for lay-clients. This information aims to help you understand a barrister's role and to explain what you can expect from them. It also answers some common questions about their work.

Lay client information leaflet

Instructing solicitors are required to pass a copy of our Client information leaflet to their lay client once they have instructed a GCN barrister.

Public Access

Until recently, it was not possible for members of the public to go to a barrister directly. They needed to use a solicitor, or some other recognised form of access. However, following changes in the rules, members of the public seeking legal advice or representation can now instruct a barrister directly without the need to instruct a solicitor first. 

Several members of Chambers are now able to provide advice and representation directly to instructing clients in some of our areas of specialisation. 

Before a barrister can be instructed via Public Access we will need certain information from you to ensure that we are able to assist. Please complete the Public Access Enquiry Form and email to our Practice Management Team as soon as possible:

Our Public Access Policy below sets out in detail the scope and regulation of our Public Access work along with Allocation, Agreement and Appointment information.