Chambers news 18 Sep 2012

ECtHR rules IPP sentences breach human rights Art 5(1)

Garden Court North Chambers' Pete Weatherby QC acted for the lead case of Brett James.

Chambers news 28 Jun 2012

Fresh Gynaecological Evidence: Conviction Quashed

This case demonstrates the importance of thorough investigation in sexual offence cases.

Chambers news 26 Jun 2012

US Supreme Court strikes down mandatory LWOP for juvenile murderers

Garden Court North Chambers' Mark George QC assisted with the drafting of an amicus curiae brief in this case.

Chambers news 13 Jun 2012

Appeal judges quash rape conviction

A man jailed in 2009 for raping a woman in Belfast has had his conviction quashed at the Court of Appeal Northern Ireland.

Chambers news 18 May 2012

Trafford Council women workers’ equal pay claim

Women workers at Trafford Borough Council have successfully defended the Council's appeal against earlier Employment Tribunal findings.

Chambers news 01 Feb 2012

North East Property Buyers – Sale and leaseback test case (Court of Appeal)

Garden Court North Chambers' James Stark, led by Jonathan Small QC, represented all of the test case tenants for the appeal.

Chambers news 17 Jan 2012

ECtHR whole-life tariffs judgment – Vinter and Others v UK

The European Court of Human Rights has today handed down its judgment in the case of Vinter and Others v United Kingdom.

Chambers news 20 Dec 2011

Police officer on jury made trial unfair

Garden Court North Chambers' Mark George QC represented the applicant.

Chambers news 14 Dec 2011

Supreme Court judgment in Gnango found liability in a re-analysis of the “victim rule” rather than alter existing joint enterprise law, as had been feared.

Garden Court North Chambers' Nina Grahame, led by Sallie Bennett-Jenkins QC, appeared for the respondent.

Chambers news 09 Dec 2011

Court of Appeal quashes UKBA’s “unfair” and “obscure” decisions

The College was represented by Garden Court North Chambers' Vijay Jagadesham.

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