Garden Court North are pleased to announce that Joseph Markus has been appointed to the new Panel of Counsel for the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

Joseph Markus has been appointed to the England and Wales “C” list Panel of Counsel with effect from 2nd March 2015 for a term of up to 4 years.  The EHRC has A, B and C panels and appointment to the panel is the result of an open competition.

Members of the Commission's panel of counsel are now the preferred providers of external legal services, including representation and advice, supporting the work of the EHRC across the equality and human rights spheres.

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Chambers has substantial experience of dealing with a comprehensive range of equality, discrimination and Human Rights cases including:

  • Employment  - Disability discrimination (including reasonable adjustments), sex discrimination (including a number of substantial Local Authority equal pay cases), sexual orientation discrimination, race discrimination, age discrimination, religion and belief and Trade union discrimination.
  • Housing and property  - Art 8(2) Proportionality as a defence to possession proceedings (Pinnock); Art 14 discrimination in tenancy succession; reasonable adjustment duty (s24C DDA 1995); discrimination in possession proceedings (s22 DDA 1995).
  • Health and social care
  • Welfare benefits -  compatibility with Art 14 HRA 1998
  • Immigration and asylum -  Art 3 and Art 8 and discrimination challenges to removal decisions.
  • Inquests -  Art 2 and inquest proceedings (Middleton)
  • Prison law  - Disability discrimination (including reasonable adjustment and access to courses); Art 14 ECHR breach in transfer of Foreign National Prisoners to designated FNP prisons and breaches of s71 RRA 1976; Art 6 re prison adjudications (Ezeh & Connors); Art 5 and IPP sentences (James v SSJ).
  • Justice and the legal system  - Sex offenders register and Art 8 declaration of incompatiblity; Art 3 and legality of whole life tariffs (Vinter v UK).
  • Shops and services  - reasonable adjustment duty (DDA 1995)
  • Transport and air travel  - particularly disability discrimination

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