The MoJ have published a list of barristers who have NOT returned a VHCC brief following the 30% cut in fees for such cases.

The clear implication is that the barristers on the list are prepared to do such cases at the new rates. Pete Weatherby QC appears on this list.  We wish to make clear that neither he nor his clerks were asked about the publication of the list. 

Pete will certainly not undertake any VHCC cases at the new rates, and strongly objects to the use of his name in an attempt to mislead others in the profession.  We understand many others on the list are in a similar position.

This Chambers has a long and proud history of opposing cuts to criminal and civil legal aid which leave the most vulnerable in our society unrepresented or with representation which is inadequate.  We will continue to do everything we can to protect the rights of our clients and maintain proper standards in the profession.

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