A welcome from Mark George QC

20 October 2017

Mark George KC

Welcome to Garden Court North Chambers’ new website. For the past 21 years Chambers has been strongly committed to publicly funded work, to offering representation to those disadvantaged by discrimination and inequality or with multiple and complex needs, to challenging the state, to fighting for justice, and to undertaking work pro bono in appropriate cases where funding is unavailable.

We have developed the new website to reflect that ethos, to better inform professional and lay clients of our work, and to provide useful resources to the world at large. Not only will you be able to find out about Chambers, our barristers and staff, our areas of expertise, and the seminars we are running or are involved with, but also we have introduced a resources section that contains the following:

  • A ‘News’ section that will keep you informed about what we have been up to and about topical legal issues;
  • Blogs written by our barristers about their work, important developments in the law and other interesting issues;
  • A ‘Campaigns’ section that will keep you informed about the campaigns we are involved with, including the campaign for The Hillsborough Law and campaigns for the release of political prisoners;
  • A section where you can find answers to your frequently asked questioned about Chambers;
  • Links to other organisations;
  • Our How to Guides, which will provide practical information about a variety of different areas of law; and
  • An archive containing our old newsletters.

Over the coming weeks, months and years the resources section will be further developed and we hope it will be of real assistance to you. If there are any specific subjects that you would like to see addressed please feel free to make your suggestions to our Practice Management Team at gcn@gcnchambers.co.uk.

Although these are challenging times for lawyers committed to publicly funded work and assisting the disadvantaged, we remain as committed as ever to our founding ethos and look forward to working with you over the next 21 years.

Mark George QC is a barrister and Head of Chambers at Garden Court North Chambers.



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