Katy is a door tenant and was a full tenant at Garden Court North Chambers until February 2011.  Following her completion in September 2013 of a Master of Laws (LLM) in International Environmental and Human Rights Law at University College London, she has been undertaking legal consultancy work for the Law Division of the United Nations Environment Programme in Nairobi, Kenya. This has involved working with partners including the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on a number of projects focusing on the interface between the environment and human rights, and the progressive development of international environmental law.

Katy continues to retain strong links with Chambers and her work since leaving full-time practice at Chambers underlines the strength of her commitment to human rights.

Before commencing her consultancy work with the UN, Katy was employed by ClientEarth on a consultancy basis (2011) to prepare a case against the European Commission regarding its refusal to provide ClientEarth and a number of other NGOs with requested environmental information, specifically relating to EU biofuels policies and their harmful indirect impacts in Africa.  She then worked as an in-house lawyer at human rights NGO Freedom from Torture (2012 to 2013), which provides clinical services to torture survivors, as well as protecting and promoting their rights at a policy level. Katy advised on all aspects of refugee and human rights law, particularly in the context of the asylum claims and related proceedings of clients, and worked closely with the Policy and Advocacy team, alerting them to key legal and policy issues arising out of legal case-work and assisting with strategic litigation.

Whilst in full-time practice, Katy gained experience of all of the areas in which Chambers specialises (including criminal defence, prison law, civil actions against the police and community care) and went on to develop a varied civil practice covering immigration, public, housing and employment law.



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