Managing Trafficking/ Modern Slavery Claims

In this one hour webinar, Lucy Mair from our Immigration Team will provide practical up to date information on best practices based on recent case law and policy guidance:

  1. Challenging negative NRM decisions – A review of the common reasons for negative decisions to be made at both RG and CG stages and how these can be best challenged;
  2. Competing remedies: requests for reconsideration; judicial review and asylum appeals – A discussion of the various alternative remedies when a negative NRM decision has been made and the relative merits of pursuing each one;
  3. Overlapping trafficking and asylum claims – How to build the most effective asylum claim for victims of modern slavery including gathering evidence; the role of vulnerability/ personal circumstances; the relevance of medical and country experts; and preparing legal submissions for appeal. Lucy will discuss how a negative NRM decision can impact upon an asylum claim and the duties of the immigration tribunal in these cases.

This webinar was part of our free collaborative series with DG Legal. For more information on our webinars please contact a members of the Practice Management Team

When: 06 Apr 2021
Start time: 13:00
End time: 14:00

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