Public Law Project – How to do Judicial Review North

A complete, one day course to provide lawyers and advisers, policy people and decision makers with an understanding of public law principles and how they operate in bringing and defending judicial review claims. The course is also relevant to those working in campaigning organisations with a legal strategy and those representing and advising marginalised groups in society.

Garden Court North Chambers barristers Jonathan Holt, Mikhil Karnik, Joseph Markus, James Stark and Kate Stone will be speaking at this event.

Course includes:

  • Public law: who it affects, which decisions can be challenged, what remedies can be offered
  • What kinds of decision can be challenged using Judicial Review?
  • Public law wrongs
  • Public bodies and public functions
  • Differences between cases based on the Human Rights Act and other grounds
  • Illegality and fairness
  • Claims by pressure and public interest groups
  • Using the freedom of Information Act in public law
  • Third-party interventions in test cases
  • Alternatives to judicial review
  • Initiating a claim for judicial review and steps in a judicial review claim
  • Initial advice and preparation
  • Funding
  • Pre-Action protocol
  • Preparing to issue
  • Public law quiz!

Tickets prices are as follows:

PRICE: £99.00
VAT: £19.80
TOTAL: £118.80

PRICE: £75.00
VAT: £15.00
TOTAL: £90.00

PRICE: £60.00
VAT: £12.00
TOTAL: £72.00

PRICE: £10.00
VAT: £2.00
TOTAL: £12.00

To book tickets please visit the Public Law Project (PLP) website.

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When: 11 Jul 2019
Where: BPP Law School, St James Building, 79 Oxford St, Manchester, M1 6FQ
Start time: 10:00
End time: 17:45

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