GANGBOs two years on

6 February 2013

Gang injunctions – dubbed “Gangbos” – came into force in February 2011. As the rate of authorities seeking Gang injunctions increases, Garden Court North Chambers’ Brigid Baillie, part of the team at Chambers who have contested a significant number of these applications, reflects on our experience to date in terms of the reality of these orders for respondents and on seeking guidance on what is reasonable and proportionate in these proceedings. 

In her article for Justice Gap, Brigid looks at these new and untested orders and notes that “very few have been contested”. She compares and contrasts Gangbos to ASBOs and reviews the characteristics (prohibitions and positive requirements) and the consequences for respondents when they are breached before pointing out their long-term futility “…there is nothing to suggest that Gangbos are part of a wider programme which goes beyond quasi criminal penalties. The end result is likely to be imprisonment for conduct which does not necessarily amount to a criminal offence and zero rehabilitation, or other alternative focus, for Gangbo respondents.”

Brigid Baillie is a barrister at Garden Court North Chambers.



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