Criminal Defence and Prisoners during coronavirus

Guidance note in respect of Magistrates’ Courts – crime jurisdiction, in effect from 18 January 2021 until end March 2021

Recording of GCN Seminar on police powers and the Coronavirus Act 2020, 9 April 2020

Updates from HMCTS for both Crown and Magistrates’ Courts available on Twitter and on the HMCTS website

Listing in Magistrates’ Courts, 14 April 2020

Protocol for Custody Time Limits and Annex A CTL Application – Adjournment of Trial Due to Coronavirus Crisis
Protocol for the effective handling of Custody Time Limit cases in the magistrates and crown court, between the Senior Presiding Judge, HMCTS and the Crown Prosecution Service, 30 March 2020

Guidance for Crown Court Judges – COVID-19 Measures, 23 March 2020

MoJ and HM Prisons and Probation Service Guidance: Coronavirus: Q&A for friends and family of prisoners

Criminal Bar Association: COVID-19 updates

Garden Court Chambers, Protocol for Protecting the Rights and Lives of Prisoners and their Families, 24 March 2020

Organizations providing free legal advice and/or support in criminal and prison law

  1.  Appeal
  2. Criminal Cases Review Commission
  3. Falsely Accused Carers & Teachers (FACT)
  4. Howard League for Penal Reform (for children)
  5. Prisoners Advice Service
  6. Partners of Prisoners (for the whole family, not just partners)
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