Chambers news 27 March 2017

Lobby Your MP to Support the “Hillsborough Law”

This Wednesday (March 29th 2017) Parliament will consider the Public Authorities Accountability Bill 2017 under the Ten Minute Rule.

Chambers news 27 March 2017

Matthew Stanbury and Ann Cotcher QC represent student acquitted of raping his former girlfriend

The prosecution has offered no evidence against Elgan Varney, with not guilty verdicts recorded against him on all counts.

Chambers news 7 March 2017

Lucy Mair to be a Panel Member at the University of Huddersfield’s 4th Annual Social Justice Lecture

The theme of this year's Social Justice Lecture is human trafficking and modern day slavery.

Chambers news 17 November 2016

Pete Weatherby QC writes in Counsel Magazine about Truth and Justice – Lessons to be Learned from the Hillsborough Proceedings

Hillsborough is arguably the most serious miscarriage of justice in our history and lessons must be learned from the proceedings.

Chambers news 17 November 2016

Ending IPP sentences

This important issue is back in the news, with recent contributions from Michael Gove and the chair of the Parole Board Nick Hardwick.

Chambers news 16 November 2016

Hillsborough Lawyers Win Modern Law’s Outstanding Achievement Award for 2016

The Hillsborough Inquest Lawyers have been awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award for 2016 by Modern Law.

Chambers news 15 November 2016

Tom Royston – ECJ Reference in RP v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

The Upper Tribunal (Administrative Appeals Chamber) has made a reference to the European Court of Justice in this case of Tom Royston's.

Chambers news 22 September 2016

Vijay Jagadesham’s summer – helping Syrian children realize their potential

Vijay joined the Jusoor summer volunteer programme over July and August 2016, and has written about how it provides the children with a "different perspective".

Chambers news 15 September 2016

The UK Legal 500 2016 Recommends

This year’s Legal 500 directory was published online yesterday.

Chambers news 8 September 2016

Hillsborough Law drafted by Hillsborough families’ legal teams

A new law to compel public officials to tell the truth at inquiries.

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