Blog 20 Oct 2017

A welcome from Mark George QC

Welcome to Garden Court North Chambers’ new website.

Blog 19 Oct 2017

Crime Team Update – October 2017

Garden Court North Chambers’ Crime Team continues to be busy and successful.

Blog 19 Oct 2017

Natalie Wilkins shares her thoughts on the use of Facebook in protection claims

Facebook evidence is increasingly relevant in protection claims, often where it is used as evidence of an individual’s political opinion.

Blog 09 Oct 2017

Discredited Offending Behaviour Programmes by Matthew Stanbury

Earlier this year rumours started flying about that the MoJ was sitting on some unpublished research which painted a damning picture of the SOTP’s effectiveness.

Blog 09 Mar 2017

Article 8 Defences – Does the Court of Appeal’s decision in Jones v Canal and River Trust refusing summary disposal have lessons for housing cases?

James Stark explores the Court of Appeal's decision in Jones v Canal and River Trust [2017] EWCA Civ 135.

Blog 27 Jan 2017

Lessons from Preparing a Big Case

Pete Weatherby QC writes in Counsel Magazine about the practical challenges of running inquiries and other high-volume cases.

Blog 22 Sep 2016

Mark George QC interviewed by Lexis on the new Hillsborough Law

Mark explains the background to and aims of the Public Authority Accountability Bill to Lexis' Kate Beaumont.

Blog 21 Sep 2016

Whingeing about legal aid cuts – a reply to Lord McNally

Our Head of Chambers, Mark George QC, responds to Lord McNally.

Blog 09 Feb 2016

Court of Appeal allows appeal in “police officer on jury case” after reference by CCRC

Mark George QC comments on R v Hanif and Bakish Allah Khan (No 2).

Blog 15 Dec 2015

Delay in obtaining Legal Aid “not complete answer” to failure to comply

Garden Court North Chambers' Gary Willock considers R (on the application of) Kigen and Anor v Secretary of State for the Home Department.

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