Blog 06 Feb 2013

GANGBOs two years on

Garden Court North Chambers' Brigid Baillie on "Gangbos".

Blog 04 Feb 2013

Challenging convictions for historical sexual offences

Mark Barlow has written an article for the Spring 2013 edition of INQUIRY, the quarterly newsletter of the Innocence Network UK.

Blog 13 Jan 2013

Hillsborough: the decision to quash the accidental death verdicts

Mark George QC on the Attorney General's application to quash the original Hillsborough inquest verdicts.

Blog 03 Jan 2013

Passionate about Justice

Mark George QC enthuses about the passionate commitment of legal aid lawyers to the people they represent.

Blog 28 Nov 2012

Contempt of court in 400 characters

Mark George QC on reforms to contempt of court.

Blog 09 Nov 2012

Saville, Bryn Estyn and the danger of modern witch-hunts

Mark Barlow looks at the dangers of a modern witch-hunt.

Blog 18 Sep 2012

Hillsborough and cover-ups

Mark George QC on the continuing problems of holding the police to account on the disclosure of unused evidence.

Blog 14 May 2012

Mark George QC on why we do what we do (ie, Legal Aid)  

Do Legal Aid clients get a second class service?

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