Blog 11 May 2015

The Nealon and Hallam case – Why it provides a backdrop to the battle to save the Human Rights Act

Matthew Stanbury on this test case to challenge a new law introduced last year to cut compensation for almost all justice miscarriage victims.

Blog 24 Apr 2015

Bad News for Good Character (R v Hunter)

Matthew Stanbury considers R v Hunter and Ors [2015] EWCA Crim 631.

Blog 31 Jan 2015

Kate Stone on Human Rights and the Arms Trade Treaty

Kate Stone has written a post on the Oxford Human Rights Law Blog about the recent entry into force of the Arms Trade Treaty.

Blog 01 Nov 2014

New immigration tribunal procedure rules: analysis (Free Movement blog)

Natalie Wilkins on the Tribunal Procedure (First-tier Tribunal) (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) Rules 2014.

Blog 17 Jul 2014

New Libya Country Guidance Asylum case

Garden Court North Chambers' Jared Ficklin on AT and Others (Article 15c; risk categories) (CG) [2014] UKUT 318 (IAC).

Blog 16 Jul 2014

Legal aid cuts: “Little more than rough justice” (The Justice Gap)

Lucy Mair talks about a case where a vulnerable 18 year old risked having to represent himself due to the Legal aid cuts.

Blog 09 Jun 2014

When is a rule not a rule? Students and veracity checks (Free Movement blog)

Vijay Jagadesham on Global Vision College Ltd v SSHD [2014] EWCA Civ 659.

Blog 17 Feb 2014

Pre-recorded cross-examination of vulnerable witnesses in sex cases

Clare Ashcroft on pre-recorded cross-examinations.

Blog 16 Jan 2014

Did cancer treatment cause depression which ended in double killing?

A note on R v Redfern, Sheffield Crown Court, 15th and 16th January 2014 by Mark George QC.

Blog 20 Jun 2013

Mark George QC Let sleeping dogs lie: Cross-examination in advance of trial in cases of sexual assault

Mark George QC expresses his concern over the use of the dormant provision under section 28 of the Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999.

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